Correcting Three Common Myths About Private Schools


When considering elementary schools in Markham, many parents don’t give as much thought as they should to the idea of sending their child to a private school. A common reason for this is, unfortunately, that there are some persistent myths about private schools in Markham. At Sunrise Montessori we strive to address these myths and help parents better understand why private school might be a good choice for their child.


Myth #1 – Private schools are only an option for the wealthy

Private schools in Markham are often wrongly assumed to be only accessible to the wealthy and elite, but this is certainly not the case. In truth, it is mostly middle class families who send their children to private schools, many of them lower middle class. Private schools are becoming ever more accessible with numerous scholarship programs, grants, bursaries, payment plans, and other financial aid programs. Private schools welcome and accept children from all economic backgrounds. Parents should really take the time to look at their financial options before assuming that private schools are out of reach for them.

Myth #2 – Private schools are too demanding for children

Some parents worry that sending their children to private elementary schools in Markham means that their children will have no more free time to enjoy childhood. Private schools are committed to providing a complete and quality education for your child, not to placing unreasonable demands on them or overburdening them with homework. Though academic standards at private schools may be higher, the schools also provide all of the resources that students need to meet their academic goals in a healthy and balanced manner. You don’t have to worry about your child dealing with any more than they can handle.

Myth #3 – Private schools are unregulated and have unqualified teachers

Private schools in Ontario must follow the Education Act, as well as numerous ongoing requirements mandated by the Ministry of Education. Many private schools either follow the government curriculum or even exceed provincial standards. Though the Ministry of Education does not oversee private schools, these schools have extensive accountability and regulatory systems which ensure that high standards are kept and met. Private schools also employ highly qualified teachers who are selected for their ability to help students meet the school’s academic standards. Your child will be taught by passionate and certified teachers who will instill in them a love of learning and a strong sense of self-motivation.

Sunrise Montessori: Where Your Child Can Learn and Thrive

If private elementary schools in Markham sound like a better option than they did before, then Sunrise Montessori would love to be considered as the place where your child can come to develop their interests and thinking skills. Our practical learning experiences and supportive environment is geared towards helping every child succeed and grow to better understand the world.

If you have any more questions about the kind of future we can help offer for your child, don’t hesitate to contact Sunrise Montessori today.

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