Nourish your child’s socialization and learning skills with the help of our well-structured toddler programs

Montessori School for Toddlers


Have you ever asked yourself, “Where can I find a toddler school near me?” When you are looking for a school where your little ones can pick up all the essential skills, look no further than Sunrise Montessori School.

It’s important that your kids get a good education to help them get ahead in life. Sunrise Montessori School offers programs for a wide range of children, from toddlers to elementary level. It’s especially integral for your youngest children start learning at a young age. Enroll your child in Montessori classes for toddlers to get a head start.

We subscribe to the Montessori philosophy of teaching methods incorporated into daily activities. We have a low teaching ratio: 1 teacher for every 5 toddlers, with a maximum of 15 toddlers per room. The Sunrise Montessori Toddler Program is suitable for children from 18 months to 2½ years old.

French and Mandarin language (conversational) are also included in our toddler program.

Curriculum Highlights:

Toddler (18 – 30 months)

  • Year-round enrollment
  • Introduction to structured and unstructured activities for each child is promoted
  • Montessori Sensory Development
  • Phonics & Language Awareness & Numeral System
  • Introduction to Motor Skills Development and Self Help Skills
  • Social & Emotional Growth
  • Introduction to Arts, Music and Movement
  • Introduction to Geography & Culture
  • Introduction to daily schedules and routines within a prepared environment
  • Indoor & Outdoor physical education
  • Toilet Training

At Sunrise Montessori School, we understand there’s more to education than academics. We also offer a range of Montessori school toddler activities, including after-school activities and summer camps to help your kids learn new skills and have fun in a safe, nurturing environment. 

Toddlers are young, but these are formative years; it pays to help kids learn when they are young. Sunrise Montessori is ready to be your partner in helping them grow up to be all they can be. 

Sign your children up for Montessori classes for toddlers to help them get a leg up as early as possible.