Private Schools In York Region


Private Schools In York Region


Parents only want what is best for their children, especially when it comes to education. At Sunrise Montessori School, we give parents peace of mind when it comes to their child’s education. We are a York region Montessori school that is well-established and has maintained an excellent track record in providing quality education since 1988. As a community based on respect and understanding, we help your child grow into better individuals.

We are a medium-sized school with a small ratio of students to teachers to ensure that they get the attention they deserved. This allows us to focus on your child having the best opportunity to explore and develop where they can excel. We provide our students with various opportunities where they can think outside the box and develop keen critical thinking skills as they have fun exploring, collaborating, and communicating with one another.

Why Choose Our York Region Private School

The best schools in the York region should understand the importance of making a child feel safe and welcomed. That is why at Sunrise Montessori School, we will make them feel like they are at home away from home. In addition to our robust academic program, we offer a warm, welcoming environment where children can learn and enjoy their time in school. We also conduct a parent workshop to engage with our students’ parents.

In today’s busy world, parents are not only after the finest educational programs private schools in York Region have to offer; they are also looking for a school that can accommodate their busy schedules. Whether you are looking for private schools near York that is accessible to your office, offer convenient class hours, or simply concerned about timing, turn to Sunrise Montessori School.

Call us at (905) 477-2833 and we will schedule you for a meeting. Our staff will also take you on a tour of our child-friendly facility. We are conveniently located at 180 Amber St, Markham, Ontario.