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Virtual Q&A Roundtable

Virtual Q&A Roundtable (Interview with Parents)

October 8, 2020 - October 31, 2020

Virtual Q&A Roundtable held on Oct 8, 2020 through Zoom
Hear existing parents share their personal experiences, insider reviews and perspectives on their decision process and how they found Sunrise Montessori in Markham, Ontario as the right school for their children.

  • How to choose the right school for your child ?
  • Will your child thrive in this school ?
  • What does your child say about the school ?
  • Is it safe to send your child to Sunrise during COVID-19 ?

Hear from actual parents of Sunrise. Recorded sessions on Youtube.

No. Questions Asked
Question 1 Why did you choose the school originally? In which ways is the school what you expected, and in which ways is it not?
Question 2 What is the biggest impact the school has had on your child?
Question 3 What does your child have to say about the school?
Question 4 If the school were to be represented as a single person, what would its personality be like—in only three words?
Question 5 How would you describe the values of the school, and the values of the families in the school community?

Additional FULL reviews from other parents.

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Start: October 8, 2020
End: October 31, 2020
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