toddlerSunrise Montessori Toddler Program is suitable for children from 18 months to 2½ years old.

French and Mandarin Language (conversational) is included in the Toddler Program. 

Curriculum Highlights

TODDLERS (18 – 30 months)

  • Enrollment Year Round
  • Montessori Philosophy of teaching methods incorporated into daily activities
  • Low teaching ratio: 1 teacher for every 5 toddlers with a maximum of 15 toddlers per room
  • Introduction to structured and unstructured activities for each child is promoted
  • Montessori Sensory Development
  • Phonics & Language Awareness & Numeral System
  • Introduction to Motor Skills Development and Self Help Skills
  • Social & Emotional Growth
  • Introduction to Arts, Music and Movement
  • Introduction to Geography & Culture
  • Introduction to daily schedules and routines within a prepared environment
  • Indoor & Outdoor physical education
  • Toilet Training

Downloadable Contents