casaTo advance our goal of maximizing your child’s potential, Sunrise Montessori School is pleased to offer French immersion education in Markham for students ages 2 ½ to 6. Learning a new language has many benefits and may create opportunities in your child’s future. Spaces for this program are limited and we encourage you to contact us for enrollment or to ask questions. We believe that education is a lifelong endeavor and we always strive to find ways to grow and develop the abilities of children at our school.

Our Montessori school environment is designed in a way that allows for constant conversation. Your children move around and interact with their teacher and peers throughout the day in French. This constant use of French conversation ensures that the language becomes “hardwired” in your children’s brains. In other words, we put the “immersion” in French immersion.

Why Choose Our French Immersion Program in Markham?

Our French immersion program gives non-francophone children the opportunity to develop a high degree of proficiency in French. We believe that knowledge of French is a big advantage in Canada, where many jobs require fluency in both official languages. A bilingual speaker is also likely to have a greater earning potential than his unilingual counterpart. Simply put, it opens more doors for your child.

Writing and speaking French has benefits beyond the purely practical. Research has proven that students who learn a second language develop their creative thinking skills and mental flexibility. French immersion students may end up using more of their brain capacity.

In fact, students with a second language develop a greater facility for learning even more languages. Many parents are now choosing French immersion for their academically advanced children to provide them with sufficient challenges and keep them engaged. Knowing a second language is beneficial in many ways, from cognitive, problem-solving enhancements to simply being able to communicate more effectively when travelling to different areas.

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The Francophone culture is a fundamental component of the Canadian identity and we enjoy giving English-speaking children the opportunity to experience and carry on this rich heritage. If you are considering French immersion education in Markham, learn more about the program at Sunrise Montessori School.

We always welcome parents and invite you to make an appointment to see our facilities and what we have to offer. Our staff is pleased to answer any questions you might have and always encourages parents to take an active role in their child’s education. Feel free to call during normal school hours or send us a note using our convenient contact form.