Tips for Researching Daycare

In early 2017 the Province of Ontario set out Ontario’s Renewed Early Years and Child Care Policy Framework in an effort to increase quality daycare spaces throughout the province but what does that mean for parents, looking to get their children into daycare. At this point not much as it begins with policy, what parents really need are tips on ensuring that their children are enrolled in a quality program, like those offered by Sunrise Montessori for Infant, Toddler, Casa, and Elementary aged children.


Correcting Three Common Myths About Private Schools

When considering elementary schools in Markham, many parents don’t give as much thought as they should to the idea of sending their child to a private school. A common reason for this is, unfortunately, that there are some persistent myths about private schools in Markham. At Sunrise Montessori we strive to address these myths and help parents better understand why private school might be a good choice for their child.

Sign that says Private School