Date of Event – Friday, February 8, 2019
Venue – School Gym
Time – See schedule below.
Attire – GREEN T-Shirt for both students and teachers
Event – A gym track will be set up, consisting of the crash pads, balance beams, stepping stones, tunnel and parachutes followed by the jump rope for the older children. The younger children could swing the ropes.

This is a fund raising event to raise funds for the needy as well as to raise the level of awareness of the matter of possessing a healthy heart. Kindly dress your child in RED in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. You may pledge online as well. OUR GOAL THIS YEAR IS $4000. Every bit of donation helps.

Schedule as follows:

9.00am – Infant
9.20am – Toddler 1
9.35am – Toddler 2
9.50am – Toddler 3
10.05am – Casa 1
10.20am – Casa 2
10.35am – Casa 3
10.50am – Casa 4
11.05am – Casa 5
11.15am – Jk/SK 1
11.25am – JK/SK 2
11.35am – French Immersion
11.45am – Elementary