In 2009, Montessorian Shelley Murley created a worldwide singing project to celebrate the United Nation’s Peace Day on September 21. She composed the song Light a Candle for Peace, and it was sung all around the world by various Montessori schools. Starting with New Zealand, schools around the world sang the song over a 24-hour period, ending with the Hawaiian Islands. In 2009, this singing project involved over 65,000 children from some 35 different countries. We hope to reach 100,000 children singing for the 2016 event. To celebrate the International Day of Peace, Sunrise Montessori will also participate in “Sing Peace Around the World” on Sep 21, 2016 at 11 am.

Download the Lyrics : Light a Candle for Peace.

Watch the song : “Light a Candle for Peace”